Saturday, 26 April 2014

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Hey super regg’sTeaching yesterday rocked my world.I’ve got some new concepts that I thought would be good. Oh no I hear – no more concepts!!!Every week first parters and second
parters are covering a lot of knowledge.Can we put in a single VAQ a week, hosted by a volunteer fellowship candidate in the whole group session ie here is the VAQ to the group – suggestions from the group on how to answer it and why, and then how I answered it and why.
Followed by a first parter putting a part of the content they have learnt that week into a clinical context they have been exposed to that week ie I saw a diver this week – Here is Henrys law, this is how it relates to their pressures and volumes – WOW!

More cool concepts to come!

Re the SCE
Thank you, thank you, thank you to RUBES, Noush, Tom and Raggie for the extra special effort and also to CIAN, Marty, Bonzie and Penny.
A think the true successful of the day was Belinda’s clear and strong pass despite a few jitters that melted away with the Malborough Sav blanc afterward.
But an extra well done to Lynda who was seriously nervous about the process and threw herself in anyhoo, and despite an inability to pronounce vowels correctly, managed a very strong performance.
My favourite moment of the day when Sen got sick of “head in a box Daly’s” feedback session and carried him away despite John being midsentence. Ipad head presence is surely a true indicator of the dedication and commitment of this wonderful registrar group. Would be keen re feedback if attending the SCE was useful for those a long way out from exam process.

Re Cian - What an awesome talk. Proving yet again and yet again and yet again no matter how boring and mundane and ordinary and painful and slow it becomes we have to STILL take a  PROPER HISTORY EVERY TIME ALL OF THE TIME EVERY TIME. Don’t worry -  if you see an average of 10 patients a shift, every shift for a career of 30 years that’s only 225,600 system reviews, (that would be 750,000 for you Belinda and David) give or take a few thousand for maternity leave etc (and that 7500 nappies of poo). That’s probably 1.2 million utterances of “unt here” if you work in the right demographic. Note to self -  “Emergency Medicine is truly a remarkable challenge every day - but it’s not @#%$%^**(())*^^%$$ rocketscience!! Take a history Davis!  

Other news

we go when its good. Coming up
April 29th Mandatory reporting – probably interesting
May 13th CardiacSurgey in the Elderly – possibly interesting
May 20th Smashed and Bashed – Glen Guest Trauma audit  - 1230 for a 1245 start We should pack the place out.

Another fellow is in geelong with an LVAD  - this makes 4
We tend to have a regular education session on this device – probably once a year would be enough I would think, Im chatting with the guys at the Alfred re this however in lieu of this I found looking at the LVAD presentation on the intranet under cardiology very useful as a quick refresher.
New library looks awesome

Teaching for the next 3 weeks. I have made a roster for those Stella doctors who feel a little nervous about the ad hoc nature of my excel spreadsheeting – for good reason!

Now please note Ebrahim is coming next week to give a talk that he has prepared for a good period of time and presented to his bosses as a practice, before presenting to us. A great deal of effort has gone into this I believe, so it should be great.

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