Sunday, 27 April 2014

Tuesday teaching -- all things sodium

Hullo All,

Great teaching session yesterday.

Thank you Niluka for a wonderful session on Paediatric Wheeze and an approach to Bronchilitis and Asthma. Some interesting points were made regarding use of Ventolin in the under 1’s. This has not been my practice formerly – does anyone know of any evidence around this? If not I’ll look prior to the next session.
Lynda wowed us all with her hyponatraemia talk – a very interesting case of a child who was embarrassed about bedwetting and overdosed on his desmopressin and a comatose fire fighter who ended up having water intoxication.  Again some controversy that I feel we are

Saturday, 26 April 2014

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Hey super regg’sTeaching yesterday rocked my world.I’ve got some new concepts that I thought would be good. Oh no I hear – no more concepts!!!Every week first parters and second

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Well its official. Smart Reg’s are Happy Reg’s. That’s why you guys are so bloody cheerful all the time.