Saturday, 26 April 2014

Teaching Roster - Awesome

Well its official. Smart Reg’s are Happy Reg’s. That’s why you guys are so bloody cheerful all the time. 

As suggested a bit of a plan for the teaching roster, with a pen is on your wall. Go Crazy!!!! And Guess what .. A curriculum ..Is it Xmas??? Notice the things we are meant to be experts on . .Theres more than  a few!

For those of you who need electronic stuff – Cian! – Ive put all my talks on the Dropbox account and am in the process of putting on a whole heap more. Please plaugurise freely. I would ask that the extra time that you have due to plagurism when presenting a topic be spent consulting current wisdom (be that in EBM, Suggested text book or discussion with appropriate expert ..OR EVEN a CHAT with a  Consultant) .. To make sure no one telling us …how do I say it … BEESWAX 

Oh and Yes …Consultants it your turn to get on board. 
Please think about a case you have had – be it boring or exciting, basic or advanced, bring it to teaching when your on non clinical  - and share the font of your wisdom


Also for those of you who haven’t walked into the reg office yet ….. the next few weeks look like this. 

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